We offer a range of cleaning services designed for the occasions when time is most precious.  Weekly cleaning when there are not enough hours in the day, moving house when more hands make light work, listing your house for sale but need a hand to give that cared for look and those jobs that you are always going to get around to, spring cleaning.  All of our clients are catered for individually and each and every one has an initial visit to determine the detail of clean required beit weekly/fortnightly or one of the other services we offer, however, the standard is the same whether you live in a modest home or a stately mansion. Our Maids will supply everything they need but the vacuum cleaner. The reason they will use a vacuum cleaner provided by you is to ensure that you are not playing host to someone else's dust mites & odours that can be easily transferred by the use of vacuum cleaners. The product used in the bathroom is environmentally friendly & has been used by Maids@Home for many years. We guarantee your satisfaction 100% or we will clean again free of charge.

Weekly cleans

This service is the most effective in terms of "up keep". The weekly service means the home is much easier to maintain allowing time for "catch up" such as, the cutlery drawer or maybe wiping out the fridge.

Fortnightly cleans

This service takes a little longer than the weekly clean. For example a house that would normally be serviced in two hours weekly we would allow two and a half hours if it is serviced fortnightly, simply because there has been twice as much use and there will be more build up and a little more elbow grease is required, however it will still be the same standard as the weekly clean it just takes a little longer.

One off clean

Any clean that is undertaken on more than a two weekly basis is classed as a "One off" clean and is treated as a spring clean. A home that is not serviced regularly can eventually become a large task and for that reason a one off clean is not usually estimated without being sighted first.

Spring cleans

This clean is recommended at six monthly intervals or maybe annually and would take care of the jobs that are not normally included in the weekly/fortnightly clean such as, wiping down of internal paintwork, light fittings, marks on walls, ceilings, alluminium joinery. The list could also include the inside of kitchen cupboards & drawers, range hoods & ovens. A visit to the property would be required in order to give an accurate estimate, however we can also work with a capped figure and prioratise the list.

Moving cleans

This service is extremely helpful at a time when the stress levels may be high. A team from Maids@Home will arrive as the packers are leaving and clean the home you are moving out of including as much or as little detail as you require, for example, inside cupboards & drawers in the kitchen, the oven, the range hood & the list goes on. Everyone is different so you dictate the level of clean. We can also clean the house you are moving into prior to unpacking to make it feel more like home. Once again the detail is up to you.

Marketing cleans

This service is a little touch of brilliance. We will visit your home prior to listing for sale and along with yourself decide on the areas of your home that may need some help in order to present the best possible first impression. We have many happy clients that have utilised this service. It can be just certain areas or the whole house depending on the level of impact required.

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